General Questions

I don't have any content yet, can I still use this tool?

Yes absolutely! Select none as an option instead of URL or content and you can run TF-IDF analysis for your target keyword and get the list of all important terms related to that keyword.

We think this will help you get a list before you even start writing content, so you can make sure not to miss any important category or sub-category.


I have very little content, will this tool still be useful?

For content analysis we recommend a minimum of 500 words. In our beta tests, content analysis below this threshold was not very useful.

Alternately if you have less than 500 words, you can select none as an option instead of content and do a TF-IDF analysis on competitors content to get a list of important terms.

This may help you get more ideas for more content and then you can do further content analysis after you've crossed about 500 words.


How do you compare to other content optimization tools?

We are a specialized tool for content relevance and focus only on that. We have used our proprietary version of TF-IDF and honed our algorithm to be the best TF-IDF variant out there.


What languages do you support?

We currently support English. We are actively working on supporting other user requested languages.

If there is a particular language of interest to you, please send us an email at

Let us know if you'd like to be included in the beta testing group for the language of your choice.


What countries do you support?

We get ranking data for all countries that Google supports. Simply enter the country of choice when running the analysis. However are results are only supported for English at this time.


Questions on Analysis

What are the different scores shown?

We show you three scores for each term -

1. The average score of the top 20

2. Maximum score of the top 5

3. Your score

We show these scores for each of the top terms found in the analysis. We use these scores to give you recommendations on where your score should be.

Ideally your score should be somewhere between the average of the top 20 and less than the maximum of the top 5.


How to improve TF-IDF scores?

We give you recommendations on where your scores should be. We clearly point out terms you may have missed entirely and terms that need improvement and how to achieve that.


How do I go about using the insights to improve my relevance?

We recommend starting with Missed Opportunity and incorporating two and three word terms from that list into your content. Use only terms that make sense to you. We do not recommend trying to achieve a certain count of these terms in your content. As long as they are there you are increasing your relevance. We do not place that much emphasis on word count and keyword count as these are outdated concepts. We recommend aiming for high quality content and using terms that flow naturally. If one of the Missed Opportunity terms does not seem right to you, do not use it.

Once you are done with incorporating Missed Opportunity terms, re run the analysis. Now you can move on to Potential Penalty and Needs Improvement.


When I run an analysis without a URL or content why do some terms show as Needs Improvement? Shouldn't everything be Missed Opportunity?

We consider something as a truly Missed Opportunity if the term has a high score for average of top 20 as well as top 5. Some terms may be used by top 20 sites but not necessarily by the top 5, we don't consider such terms as Missed Opportunity and therefore flag them as Needs Improvement.


Based on the score how do I figure out how many number of times to use the term?

These are relevance scores and not keyword density scores so they don't directly translate into number of times to use a term. For some of them using just once or twice will change the relevance score and will move your score in the correct direction.

We recommend writing your content using Missed Opportunity terms as many times as they naturally fit and then re analyzing your content. You can use our content editor to change your content and analyze it again.


Payment Questions

What payment options do you support?

We currently support Paypal. You can use any credit card or a bank account and pay securely using Paypal. We do not have access to and do not store any of your credit card or bank information.


Do you have an annual plan?

Yes we do. Our annual plans have a 20% discount. Contact us at for more information.


Do you have any non recurring options?

Yes. Our annual plan is billed annually and is not recurring.


My company does not allow PayPal accounts, can I pay using a Credit Card and not create a PayPal account?

Yes. We can invoice you separately and you can pay using a Credit Card without signing up for a PayPal account.

The invoicing still happens through PayPal and we don't have access to, nor we store any of your payment information. You are however able to pay without creating an account.

For more information see PayPal Invoice payment method

Please keep in mind that since this is a one time transaction, it is non recurring. We only support this option for our Annual plans(20% discount included).


Do you have a free trial?

We don't offer a free trial, however if you are not satisfied for any reason you may cancel your plan within 7 days and contact us for a full refund.


Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes of course. Contact us at for upgrading your plan.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Go to the user profile (upper right corner) after logging in and click on the Cancel Subscription button. After cancellation you will be able to see the date until when you will continue to have access.

You may also simply email us at from the email used at sign up and we can cancel your subscription for you.