The importance of semantically related keywords in SEO

Whether you are conducting keyword research, or a content marketer looking for ways to optimize or create content to rank better through on-page SEO, or trying to improve your ad conversion rates, you absolutely need a prioritized list of terms that are related to your primary keyword.

Why is this important?

Google search engine rankings are based on how well your content satisfies user intent. When your content includes more terms that are semantically related to the primary keyword, AND does so in a coherent and comprehensive manner, it has an increased chance of being more useful to the user. Search engines understand this additional richness of your content , and are likely to rank it higher as a result.

A really efficient way to collect this list of semantically related terms is to use our optimized version of TF-IDF in our TF-IDF Tool - it is extremely powerful and easy to use too. Let’s take a deeper look at how this works with an example.

Using TF-IDF Tool to find semantically related keywords

Let me quickly show you an example of how to use the TF-IDF Tool tool to find keywords that are related to the primary or core keyword ‘scuba diving in Florida keys’.

Step 1

Within the TF-IDF Tool, enter the keyword ‘scuba diving in Florida keys’ as seen below.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 2

Choose the ‘none’ option. This tells us that you are looking for a list of keywords have semantic similarity to the keyword you entered.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 3

Use the drop-down menu for ‘Multi word Analysis’ and select ‘All’. This will ensure that keywords upto three words in length are included in your results.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 4

Use the drop-down menu for ‘Country’ and change it to your location of interest. This will ensure that the results are customized and relevant for the location you choose.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 5

Hit the ‘Analyze’ button and sit back while we work for you.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 6

After approximately a couple of minutes, you should see the results of the analysis. You can quickly view the one, two and three word keywords using the ‘Actionable insights’ section as below.

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

Step 7

As a final step, you can go to the Detailed analysis section and pick a format in which to download your nicely formatted report, and you are done!

TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data
TF-IDF Tool entering analysis data

As can be seen, the suggestions made by TF-IDF Tool are highly relevant to the primary keyword, and can help you with your SEO initiatives.

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